foreign music week: shakira monday

alrighty it’s foreign music week. for the next week, i’ll be posting some of my favorite music from around the world. why? just because i feel like it. also, it makes me happy. 


today’s foreign performer is shakira. i first came across shakira as a senior in high school when juan, the kitchen guy from freebirds, used to blast her album ,dónde están los ladrones?, while he worked. i loved walking into the kitchen and hearing the eclectic sounds of ojos asi. he eventually gave the cd to me and i probably listened to that song a million times that week and practiced my hip drops and lifts in front of the mirror years after i graduated high school. later that year, shakira came out with her english album, laundry service. after finding out from a customer that there was an english version of ojos asi on it, i had to get it on my way home. unfortunately, it didn’t match the original, which has been a staple on many of my playlists even now.

besides, who else can make a veil or rope as sexy as shakira can? 

enjoy the videos!



…i know i do.

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