what every girl wants you to tell her

so i don’t check my myspace very often. i only use it to troll around for new music. every once in a while, some random stranger will send me a message and since the e-mail notifications don’t tell you the content of the message, unlike those of facebook, i actually have to log into the site to read what the message says. anyway, apparently, i received a message 5 days ago from some guy i had a class with last semester and it went a little something like this:

Do you have any class at Westloop today? I saw someone look like you there. Is that you? If it is you then you look a little bit fatter than I remember. 


im a big fat dynamo!

i'm a big fat dynamo!

the guy is this quiet asian kid who was in my study group of 7-8 people that hardly said a word to anyone during the course of the semester. there was no instance in our interaction that would make it seem acceptable for him to say this to me. i guess exceptions must be made for foreigners because he probably doesn’t understand. i’m not upset with him; it’s just not every day someone says that to me, even in a joking manner.

and i was just thinking today about how not only do i fit into my jeans that i hadn’t worn in two years, but that they’re actually loose on me on account of the 10 pounds i lost. this is just what i needed before sunday =)

seriously though, it made me chuckle.

a poem for you, for you!

The Worms at Heaven’s Gate

Out of the tomb, we bring Badroulbadour,
Within our bellies, we her chariot.
Here is an eye. And here are, one by one,
The lashes of that eye and its white lid.
Here is the cheek on which that lid decline,
And, finger after finger, here, the hand,
The genius of that cheek. Here are the lips,
The bundle of the body and the feet.
. . . . . . . . . . .
Out of the tomb we bring Badroulbadour


Wallace Stevens, Harmonium


kangaroo for dinner, hold the vegemite.

garrett (after i ordered a kangaroo burger at ziggy’s): i don’t get kangaroos. i think they should be called kickaroos. they don’t kang you.

me: do they kick you?

garrett: well they freak me out. i don’t understand how an animal has a pocket in there and keeps its young and then kicks you.

me: i don’t know… how do they find it?

garrett: they probably have a gps system. “destination, pocket lane, melbourne, australia

me: they have an iphone. “to: pocket; from: vagina.”

15 minutes later

baby kangaroo and dog

baby kangaroo and dog

server (giving me my kangaroo burger): who had the joey?

me and garrett: huh?

server: the joey. it’s the name of a baby kangaroo.

me: … is it really made of a joey?

server: well that’s just what they call a baby kangaroo

me: yeah but is the burger really made of a joey?

server: no

me: oh my gosh! that’s horrible. you’re a bad, bad man!

30 seconds later

welcome to the down under, bia

welcome to the land down under, bia

me (about to eat a kangaroo burger at ziggy’s): oh is this one of those things that the bible said we can’t eat?

garrett: what?

me: y’know.. we can’t eat animals that eat other animals… and they have to be hoofed.

garrett: what do their feet look like? i really don’t know. do they wear jordans?

me: you mean they don’t wear pumas?

garrett: no because that’s another animal. they wear jordans.

me: i think they wear roos.

It's a Joeyburger!

It's a Joeyburger!

find out what else they have there and have your own hilarious conversations by  going to the ziggy’s healthy grill website

first friday fast… take two

Last Friday was my second stab at my First Friday Fast. Let me just say that when I started this, it never occurred to me how essential fasting was for my spiritual growth. At the time, I always saw it as one choice among many, that while I chose this, I had other alternatives. However, around the two or three weeks after my last fast, I found myself not only looking forward to it but needing to have this experience again. The clarity and state of mind that I attained as a result of my previous fast was unable to make it through the entire month. It was such a struggle to maintain that attitude and I don’t think that I did it successfully near the end. so when the day for my fast neared, I was excited to go through it.



Unfortunately, this fast was not quite as powerful as the first one. Because it is the middle of the semester, I had at least one exam for each of my classes. Not to mention, I was doing some preparation in the days leading up to the day after my fast, which unfortunately, included the first Friday of March. I was too stressed and had too many things on my mind to focus on my spiritual and personal growth. To be honest, I was just trying to get through the past two weeks.

However, there were some key enlightening moments. While I spent the entire day of the fast glued to my Macbook studying for upcoming exams, I was able to use my study breaks for some serious thinking. Unfortunately, I couldn’t commit to them fully because I would have run the risk of losing myself in heavy thoughts and not completing any of the work I had. I broke my fast by having dinner with my friends. One of them, Amal, found out about my fasts and we were able to briefly speak about the fasting experience. It made me happy to be able to share this with her considering that not many people can understand my reasons for doing it. In fact, save for several people, I haven’t really openly spoken about my fasts.

Another of these very few people was someone I met last Thursday. The day before my fast, I went over to a friend’s house to offer a helping hand, or rather, a pair of helping claws (post about this to come tomorrow). While at his house, I met his father. In size, he was intimidating but in personality, he was very calm and serene (for this reason, he’ll now be known as the Silent Giant). I had the honor of having several conversations with the Silent Giant two days later. That fact alone was odd because I typically do not talk to my friends’ parents, much less their fathers, as a result of my home environment. However, what’s more interesting is that this man left such an impression on me. We talked about spirituality and church and humility and charity and I felt as though everything I’ve felt about those things was coming out of SG’s mouth. It was as if the universe found a way to give me what I missed during my fast through him and I’m so happy that it happened. 

Knowing that these two people know the things that I want to experience gave me what I needed and what I missed. Part of the humility that I’m seeking is knowing that I can learn and grow through my experiences with others.

I’m not the best at opening up to people but lately, it just seems that  I’ve been doing so with so many of the right people. And to the person that’s responsible for encouraging me to do it, I’m very grateful.

Image from the article Observing Ramadan

Image from the article "Observing Ramadan"