kangaroo for dinner, hold the vegemite.

garrett (after i ordered a kangaroo burger at ziggy’s): i don’t get kangaroos. i think they should be called kickaroos. they don’t kang you.

me: do they kick you?

garrett: well they freak me out. i don’t understand how an animal has a pocket in there and keeps its young and then kicks you.

me: i don’t know… how do they find it?

garrett: they probably have a gps system. “destination, pocket lane, melbourne, australia

me: they have an iphone. “to: pocket; from: vagina.”

15 minutes later

baby kangaroo and dog

baby kangaroo and dog

server (giving me my kangaroo burger): who had the joey?

me and garrett: huh?

server: the joey. it’s the name of a baby kangaroo.

me: … is it really made of a joey?

server: well that’s just what they call a baby kangaroo

me: yeah but is the burger really made of a joey?

server: no

me: oh my gosh! that’s horrible. you’re a bad, bad man!

30 seconds later

welcome to the down under, bia

welcome to the land down under, bia

me (about to eat a kangaroo burger at ziggy’s): oh is this one of those things that the bible said we can’t eat?

garrett: what?

me: y’know.. we can’t eat animals that eat other animals… and they have to be hoofed.

garrett: what do their feet look like? i really don’t know. do they wear jordans?

me: you mean they don’t wear pumas?

garrett: no because that’s another animal. they wear jordans.

me: i think they wear roos.

It's a Joeyburger!

It's a Joeyburger!

find out what else they have there and have your own hilarious conversations by  going to the ziggy’s healthy grill website

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