what every girl wants you to tell her

so i don’t check my myspace very often. i only use it to troll around for new music. every once in a while, some random stranger will send me a message and since the e-mail notifications don’t tell you the content of the message, unlike those of facebook, i actually have to log into the site to read what the message says. anyway, apparently, i received a message 5 days ago from some guy i had a class with last semester and it went a little something like this:

Do you have any class at Westloop today? I saw someone look like you there. Is that you? If it is you then you look a little bit fatter than I remember. 


im a big fat dynamo!

i'm a big fat dynamo!

the guy is this quiet asian kid who was in my study group of 7-8 people that hardly said a word to anyone during the course of the semester. there was no instance in our interaction that would make it seem acceptable for him to say this to me. i guess exceptions must be made for foreigners because he probably doesn’t understand. i’m not upset with him; it’s just not every day someone says that to me, even in a joking manner.

and i was just thinking today about how not only do i fit into my jeans that i hadn’t worn in two years, but that they’re actually loose on me on account of the 10 pounds i lost. this is just what i needed before sunday =)

seriously though, it made me chuckle.

3 thoughts on “what every girl wants you to tell her

  1. Flippin awesome. Maybe that’s his idea of a great pick-up line. Maybe he’s starting a new trend of insults masked as flattery, or vice versa. You’re a big fat dynamo who’s got a photo shoot coming up, no?

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