halloween candy

me: should we start thinking about halloween costumes?

david: kroger already has halloween candy

me: but it’s only july

david: the one near my house has… but halloween is christmas part 1

me: i thought that was thanksgiving

david: no that’s christmas part 2

me: what’s christmas? new year’s part 1?

david: no christmas is christmas. what’s wrong with you?


4 thoughts on “halloween candy

  1. Hi I was wondering where you got the storm outfit.. I really wanna buy one this year but dont know where to go to buy it πŸ™‚

  2. the storm outfit was put together from various items of clothing i already had for a friend’s costume party for his birthday. the boots were from amazon for $15. the pants were liquid tights by silent night from urban outfitters and the black top was a tee from forever 21. i did have to buy a black leather corset from ebay. i had the cape made for me by my friend’s aunt. storm has had several costumes and capes, so i suggest you pick an outfit you like (and is recognizably storm) and try that. there are several places online where you can get storm movie costumes for less than $150. i’m hesitant to do this since i’m afraid it won’t fit me as well as my own clothes. getting one custom made for you would cost at least $300. if you’re looking to piece together your own storm outfit, you can browse around cosplay.com.

    i also got the wig from ebay. i’m not too happy with synthetic wigs but i was able to make it look better by weaving some of my own black hair through to get the same chunking effect storm’s hair had in x3. let me know how it works out. i would be curious to know how your outfit looks =o)

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