don’t be a hard rock when you really are a gem

i can’t wait to be 40. everywhere i turn, i see a lot of insecurities–none more than when i look in the mirror. it’s very disconcerting to be at this age and realize that everyone still deals with the same issues they dealt with a decade ago. when i think about it, i’ve probably only met a handful of people and can only name 2 or 3 at the moment who have enough confidence that i would be comfortable having. the older i get, the more i see that many of the things wrong with the world stem from insecurities people never learned to deal with when they had the chance. sure, it’s better masked but it’s still there. so now that i know this is in me, what do i do?

gotta keep on keepin on, i suppose.

life in the chinky lane

me and rey watching kimora lee simmons’ life in the fab lane

me: she looks more asian than i do

rey: well she’s half asian

me: well i’m full asian

rey: but she’s full asian of that kind. they’re more asian

i look at rey all stupid

rey: this is what asian people are

shakira’s world cups (they’re small and humble)

i don’t get it but i love anything shakira.

south africans disagree. shakira’s waka waka (ft. freshlyground) has been chosen as the official world cup anthem and they don’t like it. whatever, i don’t complain when thalia sang in tagalog. you gyrate those hips, girl.

english version was taken down. here’s the spanish version

you’re a hater, verizon and i don’t like you

when i was a junior in high school, i got into a car accident and my mom decided to give me a cell phone in case of any other emergencies from that point on. for the next year, i had a contract with verizon and i hated it. at the time, it was expensive and had very few minutes. the following year, i made the switch to voicestream (now called t-mobile) and i have been a faithful customer ever since. not even the iphone can lure me away from t-mobile’s reasonably priced plans. instead, i had my boyfriend unlock an iphone for me so that i can use it with my service (until it went awol on me).

i’m glad i didn’t stick with verizon for long. they’re trifling. and they’re trying to hit a man up for an $18k bill. jigga what? excuse you, verizon. you should know better than to do this. in fact, you should notify any customer you have of unusual activity on their accounts. it’s just good practice. i’m gonna be so sad if verizon gets the iphone. they don’t deserve to still be in the running to becoming america’s next iphone provider. tyra doesn’t think that’s fierce.

can you hear me now?


  1. he got me mambo dinner on friday night
  2. got a super duper good massage on saturday morning
  3. woke up this morning and found german chocolate pie from house of pies
  4. he won me 2 of those price thingies from the claw machine
  5. he took me to a sushi lunch this afternoon

i don’t think i’m hard to please, right…?

happy anniversary to me and gibius!

(photo credit goes to rey. yes, he chaperoned at our anniversary lunch with his old man self)