shakira’s world cups (they’re small and humble)

i don’t get it but i love anything shakira.

south africans disagree. shakira’s waka waka (ft. freshlyground) has been chosen as the official world cup anthem and they don’t like it. whatever, i don’t complain when thalia sang in tagalog. you gyrate those hips, girl.

english version was taken down. here’s the spanish version

2 thoughts on “shakira’s world cups (they’re small and humble)

  1. I haven’t listened to the song so I can’t comment on if it’s good. But is Waka Waka some sort of song native to South Africa? If not, then they need to STFU. I don’t think previous World Cups have always used artists from the host country.

    Anyway, South Africa will lose to Mexico.

  2. shakira wrote the song and it has african portions (but i’m not exactly sure if it’s in afrikaans). anyway, if she sings in afrikaans as well as she sings in english, then… we’re in trouble:

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