we’re public people now

before facebook screwed with my privacy settings, i was super stealthy and had it so that no one could even add me as a friend unless i add them first. now, the best i get is that only friends of friends can add me. it’s really been bothering me. that’s why i’ve defriended 150+ people on facebook. for the most part, it’s not really personal. it’s a question of privacy. before defriending people, i asked myself 3 questions:

  1. do i want this person to know about my life?
  2. does this person care to know about my life?
  3. is facebook the only way to keep in contact with this person?

being able to answer no to one of these questions for each person made it easier for me to whittle down my friends list.

another reason to be more selective with my facebook friends is that keeping facebook friendships intact can be socially exhausting. if for some reason, you ignore a friend request it must be because you have something against that person. somehow, facebook became the ruler with which we measure the quality of our relationships with other people. it’s annoying.

i remember having a 100 friend limit for my facebook and would go through my list at the end of each semester to delete people i’d probably never speak to again. i doubt i can get back to my 100 person rule but i can keep it down to a minimum.

i’m still in the process of defriending so if you find yourself having one less friend on facebook, calm the eff down–i don’t hate you. in fact, it may just be because i’d prefer to see you in person and don’t want to use facebook as a crutch. ok maybe not, but still.

as far as the video above, the person who commented on my last post should really have followed rule #8. i guess he didn’t know about ip addresses.

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