She’s not your mother (via Love|Hate|Relate)

“…but it bothers me to think my future wife would play the role of my mother. My girlfriend knows, I hate to be babied– and her trying to take care of me when I’m sick is like pulling teeth. That is just one of my personal issues! The real question is: to what degree do we expect our significant others to relate to us as if they were our mothers?”

She's not your mother written by Swag Fellas. Do you treat your mom different from the way you treat other women? Do you treat your significant other the same way you treated your mom? Are you the type of guy to deem some woman wholesome and others uhhh…not so wholesome. Eh, well me too. Makes sense right? Everybody shouldn't be wined and dined unless they are deserving of such a gesture. Some people you respect the same way you respect your mother. Your wife deserv … Read More

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Is Facebook a Farce? (via Fungai Neni)

and this is why i haven’t missed my facebook.

…so far.

Is Facebook a Farce? To everyone who wished me a happy birthday on Monday on my Facebook profile, thank you. But it wasn’t really my birthday. Before you work up a sweat, please allow me to explain. I am getting so tired of this over-reliance on Facebook to keep people up to date with everything happening in their peers’ lives that I wanted to see just how many people would realise that they had already wished me a happy birthday this year, on my real birthday months … Read More

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ice on memory ln.

i logged into my old kodakshare account and found some long-forgotten pictures. aside from painfully reminding me that my hair, which is now disgustingly straight and flat, used to be full of volume and wavy, it also brought to my attention that the first time i went ice-skating in 2006 was also the last. sad.

i was obviously more concerned with the camera than holding onto ahmed, who was also an ice-skating novice at the time