etsy: eye heart c. lit

i am always amazed by the people around me. it was just a few years ago when a friend of mine started grad school at yale and now, she has her masters in epidemiology and is currently in romania doing research. i remember when anthony first got his camera in college. he now owns his own photography business in new orleans. another college friend of mine managed to land a job in her home country with a major ad agency in their jordan offices. she’s since returned home here in houston and is now embarking on a journey to document the faces of today’s arab through photography. i witness a lot of incredible things done by my friends.

today, i’d like to focus on two people: craig and suzanne.

snood circle scarf

snood circle scarf by cubist literature

i remember in high school when craig used to safety pin little pieces of fabric to the bottoms of his pants and paint his nails black. he was so creative then and is still so creative now. he has some pretty cool things on his etsy store, cubist literature, from regular tees to this most wonderful snood scarf (if only i could afford it!!!). his work has even been featured in new york magazine‘s fashion blog the cut this past june. if you’re short on ideas for christmas presents, head on over to his store and check his stuff out. it has an urban outfitters feel to it but less mass produced.

headband by eyeheartme

headband by eyeheartme

and then my childhood friend suzanne–she’s been talking about this whole headband idea for a while now. whenever i would visit her, i would see headbands organized neatly on her dining room table. i’m so excited that she’s finally set up her etsy store! each item is given a great deal of thought and is hand assembled. they’re pretty cute and great stocking stuffers for christmas! go to eyeheartme and browse through her items. you’re guaranteed to find something to give to your daughter, sister, niece or that awkward grandson you might have (there’s no point in denying it–embrace his fabulosity). she also takes custom orders.

if i had money, i would seriously buy all of my friends presents just for being amazing (and for christmas, of course). i can barely afford to buy presents for my boyfriend, much less a whole list of people. for everyone else, cubist literature and eyeheartme can help cross some items off the christmas list!

happy holidays, everyone!

this is not advertising

…more like a strong recommendation.

i’m not easily impressed by people. maybe i’m just conceited but whatever. i have too much on my plate to be busy being impressed by the stupid things people do. i will, however, make time to gush about my friend tAMALee’s new project.

People often ask me where I’m from. This is usually after hearing my name. So, I answer. I wait for the look of bewilderment on their faces that, by now, I know will quickly follow. Arab? Palestinean? Huh? They’re usually surprised. They think I’m either Caucasian, half-white/half something else, Hispanic, Italian, not an Arab. Even fellow Arabs, sometimes, mention that I “don’t really look like it.”

Not all Arabs have dark skin. Some Arabs have colored eyes. Not all Arabs are Muslim. Not all Muslims are Arabs. Some Arabs are black. Others are pale with freckles. Not all Arab men have beards. Not all Arab women cover their faces.

Using only pictures and no words, these are some of the statements I would like to make with my project, a photo documentary titled I AM AN ARAB.

I am capturing images of Arabs, young and old, with origins from all Arab countries, who defy the prototypical Arabic look, and hope to publish these photos in one thick book.

This book is not meant to be religious or political. It’s a lighthearted means of education meant to challenge the poor portrayal of Arabs in the media, break stereotypes of what Arabs look like and bring a smile to the faces of those who already know.

i love that i have diverse, creative and good people around me. if you’re arab, check it out. if you’re into creative things, check it out. if you’re just plain cool, check it out. darn it, just click the link!!!

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ikea hacking

so… we got a new tv and we needed an acceptable tv unit for it. at first we had resolved to custom build our own until i had the brilliant idea to look at ikea hacker. it was too bad because boyfriend and i spent an entire friday evening planning and sketching our tv unit (me on my sketchbook and him on google sketchup).

after looking at some of the ikea hacks, i browsed around craigslist and ikea to find suitable pieces for us to use. we eventually settled with the lack tv unit.

First, we sanded what would be the interior portions of the unit with 400 and 200 grain sandpaper. We then primed and painted it using glidden’s  high gloss paint in tangerine. We also made use of the unfinished ekby shelf and sanded lightly then painted using glidden’s high gloss paint in candy apple. once dried, we assembled the tv unit. we then attached capita legs to our now red ekby shelf. the finished product had the original lack tv unit with our modified shelf placed on top of it.