get over yourself, will smith

there’s a video of will smith that shows him slapping some guy on the red carpet of the men in black 3 premiere in some european country. the fresh prince said that the guy got a little too fresh with him and tried to kiss him on the lips and then said that “he’s lucky i didn’t sucker punch him.” it seems to me that there’s a combination of his reaction to continuing gay rumors about him and jada and the crap american masculinity ideal. i’ve watched the video over and over again and it looks to me like the guy was just giving him a traditional cheek greeting as is common in european countries. as shakespeare said, the lady doth protest too much, methinks

is anyone else wondering why there is even an MIB 3? i mean, seriously.

one bad yelper spoils the bunch

it’s not really just one but it’s because of reviewers like this guy who fancies himself a critic more than a consumer that ruins yelp for me. i always forget that yelp is just a community of people whose reviews are based on their own personal preferences without trying to be objective.

in other words, they’re more opinions rather than evaluations. it’s the same reason i don’t ask people for fashion or hair advice. the truth is, most people don’t have a clear vision of how they want to look, much less how to execute that. how can i trust them to tell me what is appropriate for enhancing my personal style when they can’t even determine theirs? i should always keep the same attitude about yelpers. while reading reviews is useful, the most trustworthy opinions are the ones you form yourself from firsthand experiences.


and by the way, i happen to love mambo’s seafood on hillcroft.

this is technically playing soccer for mls, right?

so because boyfriend was unfairly terminated from his job for getting surgery (thanks a lot, houston zoo), he took another job a month ago. he is one of three tour coordinators for mls futbolito, a soccer tournament that travels across the country for the summer (from what i can tell, the three coordinators are basically in charge of making the entire thing run smoothly but don’t quote me on that). i wasn’t too keen on him being away for an entire summer but it’s good work experience for him. anyway, one of the stops is houston which brings me to my next point: the tournament is going to be here next week!

the following is from the futbolito website:

As the official 4 v 4 tournament of Major League Soccer, MLS ¡Futbolito! brings fast-paced soccer action to 8 communities across the country. The day-long event offers food, music and fun activities for the whole family, all alongside a fierce and fun soccer competition for all ages. Sign your team up today, and we’ll see you on the field!

it’s free if you just want to watch but there’s a fee to sign up a team. if you’re interested at all or want more information, the mls futbolito website has an faq section. if you have a question that’s not on there, maybe you can hit me up and i’ll annoy boyfriend about it. it gives me a reason to blow up his cell phone.

(mls ¡futbolito! in spanish)

houston zoo, you’re dead to me

if you know me, then you’ll know that i love zoos. in fact a few years ago, i made it a mission to see the zoo of every city i visit. so far, i’ve been to central park zoo, the dallas zoo, the austin zoo and the houston zoo. my usual partner in crime is my boyfriend, who lovingly agrees to escort me on my crazy adventures.

my group even based one of our billboard projects on the houston zoo for copywriting class fall 2006

imagine my delight when, a few weeks ago, i find out that he got hired at the houston zoo as admissions supervisor! the weekend before he started, we even arranged for our zookeeper friend to give us a backstage tour and got to play with ernie the porcupine.

his first day was last monday and every day when he got home from work, i would ask him questions about what he did. he was really enjoying it and looked forward to being able to work outside. boyfriend is an active guy and anytime he’s not just sitting around being sedentary is a good time which made this job perfect for him!

but this is where things get dicey…

on tuesday evening, he received a voice message from his doctor about the results of his MRI and he asked him to come in the next day. on wednesday, boyfriend went into work hoping to ask his manager, whom we’ll call “doubles,” if he can leave early to go to the doctor. come to find out that doubles wasn’t there and wouldn’t be back until sunday. he talked to the other supervisors there and they were fine about letting him go. the two of us then drove to sugar land to see his doctor who told him that he had a full ACL tear, two meniscal tears and a bone bruise, which required knee surgery. being that his health insurance under his dad was set to expire two days later, they scheduled his surgery for the next day, thursday. as soon as boyfriend found out about his surgery, he called into work again to notify them. again, he was told it was ok and that doubles wouldn’t be back until sunday.

on surgery day, we get up at 5 am to get him to the hospital by 6. he went into surgery around 8 am and was on his way home by 11 am. he had a nerve block on his surgical leg, which meant that he wasn’t able to put any weight on it until it was removed three days later. of course, this meant that he was basically confined to bed until the nerve block was removed.

on friday, he called into work and got the same response: “it’s ok. call back on sunday when doubles returns to work. we’ll leave a note for her asking her to call you.” he called on saturday and did the whole thing. come sunday, doubles called him back and told him that she needs to speak with human resources about the situation. it is now monday and earlier this afternoon, HR called my poor, sweet crippled boyfriend to let him know that doubles no longer wishes to continue his employment with the houston zoo because boyfriend “just disappeared” and that she did “not like the way he went about the situation.”

excuse me?!?

how did he “just disappear”? he called every day, besides surgery day, to notify anyone who will listen about his surgery. you didn’t like that he talked to people who were actually at work instead of tracking your personal contact information down to let you know himself? NEWSFLASH: we googled you and facebooked you before his interview and you have no online presence. your name and number are NOT listed on the houston zoo’s staff directory. he had only been at work two days and wasn’t given any other numbers besides the one at the zoo. what did you want him to do–endure the excruciating pain of having had someone cut into your flesh long enough to pull a charlie’s angel and find out on which sofa you’re freaking bumming around? his pain meds made him delirious. he couldn’t exactly concentrate on much else besides recovering after surgery.

boyfriend has to use his continuous passive motion (cpm) device, like this one, 8 hours a day. it helps increase circulation, movement rate and degree of flexion

and when he tried to see if there was anything he could do, you refused to budge. why? who knows? he was under 90-day probation so you’re not legally bound to justify your actions. allow me to take a stab at it–you’re lazy. this is nothing but lazy management. you hired someone who, under normal circumstances, was obviously qualified to do the work you required. however, when he had to take time off for surgery, you refused to work with him because you might, oh i don’t know, actually have to be creative about how you can continue this professional relationship. instead of rising up to this challenge, you gave up. you’re lazy and there’s nothing anyone can tell to convince me otherwise. i wonder what your policy would have been if he had been in a major accident that required him to immediately take off work. it’s not like he got a nose job. it was knee surgery!

and this is why i will no longer be patronizing the houston zoo. don’t get me wrong–there are people who work there who have been great. but just as every good employee represents the zoo in a positive way, every bad employee represents the zoo in a negative way.

the irony, of course, is that the company i worked for, and dearly love, before going back to school had a close relationship with the zoo (i might end up ruffling some feathers over there, as well, as a result of this post). besides designing and building the zoo’s website and newsletters, they also maintained various updates that needed to be made practically on a daily basis. i know–i’ve done some of the work myself along with a slew of other people i worked with. the difference between the two organizations, however, is that the people i worked for believed in hiring quality people and finding places for them within the company. unfortunately, the zoo obviously has different hiring policies. they don’t need people; they need bodies and at the moment, boyfriend’s body is quite limited.

in the end, it’s still boyfriend who loses. it’s the zoo–how much damage could my own little boycott do to them? granted, i probably go to the zoo a little more often than the average person but so what? they averaged around 24k/day during spring break. we’re just two people. two people and a pair of crutches.

goodbye, houston zoo, it’ll be years before you see me again.

***update: the houston zoo put up a job post for boyfriend’s position today. really, houston zoo? bad form.***

stupidity is where it’s @

ok i’m going to be a grouch but it really bothers me when i see threads on facebook with too many @ symbols. it’s traditionally acceptable simply to use the person’s name to let them know that you’re speaking to them. you don’t need to preface it with any extraneous symbol. it doesn’t have a function and it makes no sense.

i get it if you’re on twitter and you’re trying to refer to them. i even get it on facebook statuses when you’re trying to link to them. but i don’t get it in every day communication when there’s no function.

@ everyone, please let’s stop overusing symbols that have no function.

pomeranian on chair

i got this email from a friend today:

Hey guys, I rarely reach out to y’all but Tucker needs some help.  He has a friend named Maggie that is an incredible dog.  She is a seizure alert dog and spends a lot of her time with therapeutic patients. She has been diagnosed with a fatal heart disease. 😦

Please help by voting for her picture. If she wins, her mom gets a custom painting to forever treasure her best friend. I know it’s sappy and some of you will laugh at me but Maggie is worth it!

Vote for ” “Pomeranian on Chair”.   Feel free to forward to other dog/animal lovers! Thanks!

if you have some time, please vote!

‘cuz my mama taught me better than that

wednesday was my last day of clinicals and i have to say, when i woke up at 5:30 that morning, i was not sure how i was going to make it through the day. between last saturday and that day, i must have gotten an average of two to three hours of sleep per night, and i definitely do not function well when i have not gotten my usual eight hours. given my emotional state from the previous evening and knowing that my patient for the day had just received devastating news regarding his health/disease process the day before, i was preparing myself for the saddest clinical day yet. but i had to go–this is what i signed up for.

i arrived early and when my clinical instructor arrived, i warned her of the possibility of me breaking down some time during the day. she said i can go home but i told her that i would not have the time to write a paper to make-up for missing a clinical day. i expressed my concern about caring for a patient who would possibly be in the lowest spirits while i am not at my best and she offered for me to switch patients. but i committed to being his nurse, knowing that he would be in this state on the day i would work with him. there was no question, i had to try to make it through the day if not for myself but for him, who was much more vulnerable and fragile than i could ever feel that day. i got permission to skip the morning’s group meeting and headed up to the floor, afraid to face the day.

but i could not have predicted what was in store for me.

i asked the night nurse how the patient was handling the news and she said he was fine, considering the circumstances. this seemed promising. i went into his room to let him know i was here and if he needed anything. it was 6:30 in the morning and he appeared more melancholic than when i had met him exactly 24 hours prior. he shared his bad news with me, not knowing that i was briefed about his condition even before i met him. strangely enough, he was still in higher spirits than any other patient i had had this semester. it made me want to work that much harder for him.

when i met my nurse, i figured i would be stuck with another one who did not care for passing on any wisdom and generally felt that student nurses just got in her way but i was wrong. she guided me that morning and entrusted me with responsibilities i had always been ready for but was never given by any of the other nurses. not only did i have my patient relying on me but my nurse actually believed in me and it motivated me that much more.

throughout the morning, my patient and his family were laughing and joking. i was surprised and inspired. for these people to be there, enjoying the day, perhaps more than any other day, was a scene i was lucky to have seen. i escorted my patient and his wife for a procedure and while i felt their anxiety, i also felt their determination to fight. at the same time, they didn’t treat me as a worker or a servant. they talked to me as a person.

the most touching conversation i had was with my patient when his wife had stepped out to make some calls. he began to reminisce about his life growing up, his father, his old job and friends, his dogs and his granddaughter. he confessed that he was afraid and that he had not gotten any sleep. aside from the feeling of pride that i had chosen those exact two nursing diagnoses for my care plan for him, i felt an immense amount of privilege to have been here with him and his family on this very day. i sat there and offered what i could say but mostly, i listened because i knew the comfort of having somebody there just listen while you let your emotions spill from your chest, through your lips and into somebody’s ears.

as a student nurse, i could not provide much for him in terms of caring for his health at that point. but as a person, i could provide friendship.

the rest of my clinical day with my patient carried on with one goal in my mind: to provide whatever i could, little as it may, not to my patient but for this man. he was a person too. and at the very core, that is what nursing is all about–touching people’s lives when they are at their worst and in turn, being touched by them and their circumstances. it is the human element. i am never going to look at this career as one-sided; i get something out of this too. every day, with every person, will give me humanity.

(that day, the doctor said that my patient did not have a recurrence of his disease but he would need to conduct a biopsy to be sure. i hope it works out for him and his family)

the princess of power

gosh, i’ve felt so deflated lately. i’ve had a series of challenges come my way and i could not figure out how to overcome them. this time last year, i had more clarity and focus but i didn’t have as many challenges then as i do now. i just got my second wind and i’m feeling much better. so here i am again, ready to take on the world.

i am ibarra. fabulous secrets were revealed to me the day i held aloft my sword and said "for the honor of grayskull!" together, me and my friends of the great rebellion strive to free ourselves from the evil forces of nursing school! i. am. SHE-RA!!!