so i wanna say “thank you”

i don’t think christina aguilera can get any better than her stripped album and fighter has got to be in my top 3 favorite music videos of all time, if not my top favorite. the song itself would get a lot of playtime around me when i needed to get pumped up and to this day, i still blast the song at ear-splitting levels in my car right before an exam. loves it!

pomeranian on chair

i got this email from a friend today:

Hey guys, I rarely reach out to y’all but Tucker needs some help.  He has a friend named Maggie that is an incredible dog.  She is a seizure alert dog and spends a lot of her time with therapeutic patients. She has been diagnosed with a fatal heart disease. 😦

Please help by voting for her picture. If she wins, her mom gets a custom painting to forever treasure her best friend. I know it’s sappy and some of you will laugh at me but Maggie is worth it!

Vote for ” “Pomeranian on Chair”.   Feel free to forward to other dog/animal lovers! Thanks!

if you have some time, please vote!

filipino colonial mentality is a fabrication? pfft!

imscf syndrome

today, i discovered a website that has a collection of historical notes, essays and commentaries on the philippines. i was immediately excited to find this thinking that i can further my self-education into my heritage and find some sort of connection with like-minded filipinos. this quickly turned out to be a disappointment after reading my first two essays–one regarding the pidgin language of chavacano and the other discussing colonial mentality in the philippines.

the first article, i simply posted on my facebook with a comment stating my distaste for its stance. the next article got under my skin more than i thought it did. as i started typing my comment, it quickly became apparent that this was going to be much longer than a few lines. so rather than clicking the submit button, i will post my response on my blog.

i wholeheartedly disagree with this essay. you’re actually trying to make a comparison between swiss watches/french perfumes and philippine exports? when someone points out that they have a swiss watch, it is because the swiss have a longstanding reputation of quality watchmaking. The same goes for the other examples you cited in their respected industries. that is hardly the same thing as going to my nearest arts and crafts store and seeing the paper mache products from the philippines. the philippines don’t have a reputation for any of the aforementioned products in this article. it’s likely that other countries get these items from the philippines because of the lower costs rather than craftsmanship or expertise.
why is it that when a filipino has an item, the first thing they boast is “imported ito”?
and when you say that filipinos watch local movies and adore local stars, you’re forgetting to point the fact that many of the filipino “actors”, if you can even call them that, are of mixed ancestry, foreign-born or both. the filipino entertainment industry hardly consists of quality filmmaking.  furthermore, as a PROUD filipino with kayumanggi complexion, it is very rare for me to watch filipino entertainment and see myself looking back at me. i see white complected or bleached out skin uttering some half-hearted tagalog.
and to that point, as a proud filipino, i make a point not to code-switch, keeping my english and tagalog separate when speaking. just as the french have the académie française to regulate the amount of influence foreign tongues have on the french language, perhaps the philippines should implement a similar system before the unique and native languages of the philippines become extinct.
don’t delude yourself, mr. royeca. as a people, we’re still suffering from the crimes of cultural brainwashing that were committed against us. and to perpetuate an idea that implies otherwise is simply sweeping our shame under the rug and passing on the abuse to filipinos of the next generation. that is what’s anti-filipino.

we’re public people now

before facebook screwed with my privacy settings, i was super stealthy and had it so that no one could even add me as a friend unless i add them first. now, the best i get is that only friends of friends can add me. it’s really been bothering me. that’s why i’ve defriended 150+ people on facebook. for the most part, it’s not really personal. it’s a question of privacy. before defriending people, i asked myself 3 questions:

  1. do i want this person to know about my life?
  2. does this person care to know about my life?
  3. is facebook the only way to keep in contact with this person?

being able to answer no to one of these questions for each person made it easier for me to whittle down my friends list.

another reason to be more selective with my facebook friends is that keeping facebook friendships intact can be socially exhausting. if for some reason, you ignore a friend request it must be because you have something against that person. somehow, facebook became the ruler with which we measure the quality of our relationships with other people. it’s annoying.

i remember having a 100 friend limit for my facebook and would go through my list at the end of each semester to delete people i’d probably never speak to again. i doubt i can get back to my 100 person rule but i can keep it down to a minimum.

i’m still in the process of defriending so if you find yourself having one less friend on facebook, calm the eff down–i don’t hate you. in fact, it may just be because i’d prefer to see you in person and don’t want to use facebook as a crutch. ok maybe not, but still.

as far as the video above, the person who commented on my last post should really have followed rule #8. i guess he didn’t know about ip addresses.

don’t be a hard rock when you really are a gem

i can’t wait to be 40. everywhere i turn, i see a lot of insecurities–none more than when i look in the mirror. it’s very disconcerting to be at this age and realize that everyone still deals with the same issues they dealt with a decade ago. when i think about it, i’ve probably only met a handful of people and can only name 2 or 3 at the moment who have enough confidence that i would be comfortable having. the older i get, the more i see that many of the things wrong with the world stem from insecurities people never learned to deal with when they had the chance. sure, it’s better masked but it’s still there. so now that i know this is in me, what do i do?

gotta keep on keepin on, i suppose.

shakira’s world cups (they’re small and humble)

i don’t get it but i love anything shakira.

south africans disagree. shakira’s waka waka (ft. freshlyground) has been chosen as the official world cup anthem and they don’t like it. whatever, i don’t complain when thalia sang in tagalog. you gyrate those hips, girl.

english version was taken down. here’s the spanish version

you’re a hater, verizon and i don’t like you

when i was a junior in high school, i got into a car accident and my mom decided to give me a cell phone in case of any other emergencies from that point on. for the next year, i had a contract with verizon and i hated it. at the time, it was expensive and had very few minutes. the following year, i made the switch to voicestream (now called t-mobile) and i have been a faithful customer ever since. not even the iphone can lure me away from t-mobile’s reasonably priced plans. instead, i had my boyfriend unlock an iphone for me so that i can use it with my service (until it went awol on me).

i’m glad i didn’t stick with verizon for long. they’re trifling. and they’re trying to hit a man up for an $18k bill. jigga what? excuse you, verizon. you should know better than to do this. in fact, you should notify any customer you have of unusual activity on their accounts. it’s just good practice. i’m gonna be so sad if verizon gets the iphone. they don’t deserve to still be in the running to becoming america’s next iphone provider. tyra doesn’t think that’s fierce.

can you hear me now?