How important are grades to you? (via a life review)

i feel this way about school all the time. grades are very disillusioning a lot of times.

How important are grades to you? an article for Meld Magazine. Thanks to Karen Poh for editing it! 🙂 Marcella Purnama discovers grades aren't the best measure of success. THE first time I discovered grades ruled my life was when I was preparing my high school graduation speech. I came across American student Erica Goldson’s words, which struck a deep chord in me. She said in her valedictorian speech: “I have successfully shown that I was the best slave. I did what I was told to … Read More

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Charcutepalooza! Project: Homemade Bacon (via Vivek’s Epicurean Adventures)

this looks so yummy. i want to try this. y’know… since i have all this free time this semester.

Charcutepalooza! Project: Homemade Bacon It's the 15th of February and as promised, today is the post about HOMEMADE BACON. As you all may have read in my previous post, here, I am participating in Charcutepalooza – a year long project focusing on the art of charcuterie. So far the experience has been both educational and fun. Making charcuterie is a challenge for me – a completely new field of cooking that I never knew much about. The fact that dry curing, one of the oldest methods of … Read More

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59. Accenting the First Syllable (via stuff southern people like)

hahahahahahahaha this blog post has everything–a steel magnolias reference, webster’s dictionary, pronunciation, southern drawls and kim zolciak

ok the kim zolciak one was a stretch but it’s hilarious the way nene says it.

59. Accenting the First Syllable I’ve never been particularly drawly, even less so having lived outside the South for lo these last 16 years. However, my Dixie tends to slip out around midnight, when I’m too tired (tarred) to add a “g” to the end of every word. You’ll also hear a drawl if I’ve had one drink too many (or maybe that’s just a slur). And if you … Read More

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One of us thought it was hilarious. Sorry it wasn’t you. (via Sex and the Pity)

this girl is hilarious.

One of us thought it was hilarious. Sorry it wasn't you. Initial contact summary: Hey, we should meet. Yes, we should. Silence, extended for a month or so. Ditto for second contact summary including silence, extended. Third contact (unabridged) Observe the dates. Prior to sending this message, I thought that either this dude will find this hi-larious or he'll be pissed. Either way, I shall have some sort of conclusive decision. At this point, my dear friend "J" un-friended me on the book-o'-face and su … Read More

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She’s not your mother (via Love|Hate|Relate)

“…but it bothers me to think my future wife would play the role of my mother. My girlfriend knows, I hate to be babied– and her trying to take care of me when I’m sick is like pulling teeth. That is just one of my personal issues! The real question is: to what degree do we expect our significant others to relate to us as if they were our mothers?”

She's not your mother written by Swag Fellas. Do you treat your mom different from the way you treat other women? Do you treat your significant other the same way you treated your mom? Are you the type of guy to deem some woman wholesome and others uhhh…not so wholesome. Eh, well me too. Makes sense right? Everybody shouldn't be wined and dined unless they are deserving of such a gesture. Some people you respect the same way you respect your mother. Your wife deserv … Read More

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