1. he got me new swimwear
  2. we had dinner at pappadeux
  3. he helped me make brandius‘ cajun bread pudding with praline sauce
  4. we watched finding nemo
  5. had brunch with rey, suzanne and tamsin
  6. i taught him a dance i invented called “the dancing bear”

and now i have another day left with him before he leaves on tuesday for his job for the summer. le sigh…

update: on the day of our two-year-versary, it has been confirmed that osama bin laden has been killed a week ago. it’s not relevant to our relationship but i just wanted to jot it down.


  1. he got me mambo dinner on friday night
  2. got a super duper good massage on saturday morning
  3. woke up this morning and found german chocolate pie from house of pies
  4. he won me 2 of those price thingies from the claw machine
  5. he took me to a sushi lunch this afternoon

i don’t think i’m hard to please, right…?

happy anniversary to me and gibius!

(photo credit goes to rey. yes, he chaperoned at our anniversary lunch with his old man self)