we’re public people now

before facebook screwed with my privacy settings, i was super stealthy and had it so that no one could even add me as a friend unless i add them first. now, the best i get is that only friends of friends can add me. it’s really been bothering me. that’s why i’ve defriended 150+ people on facebook. for the most part, it’s not really personal. it’s a question of privacy. before defriending people, i asked myself 3 questions:

  1. do i want this person to know about my life?
  2. does this person care to know about my life?
  3. is facebook the only way to keep in contact with this person?

being able to answer no to one of these questions for each person made it easier for me to whittle down my friends list.

another reason to be more selective with my facebook friends is that keeping facebook friendships intact can be socially exhausting. if for some reason, you ignore a friend request it must be because you have something against that person. somehow, facebook became the ruler with which we measure the quality of our relationships with other people. it’s annoying.

i remember having a 100 friend limit for my facebook and would go through my list at the end of each semester to delete people i’d probably never speak to again. i doubt i can get back to my 100 person rule but i can keep it down to a minimum.

i’m still in the process of defriending so if you find yourself having one less friend on facebook, calm the eff down–i don’t hate you. in fact, it may just be because i’d prefer to see you in person and don’t want to use facebook as a crutch. ok maybe not, but still.

as far as the video above, the person who commented on my last post should really have followed rule #8. i guess he didn’t know about ip addresses.

bye bye facebook… or not really

Reynaldo: sorry I fell asleep last night. sorry i had you worried

Ibarra: aren’t you supposed to be working?

Reynaldo: multi tasking

Ibarra: …i don’t see the point of deleting your iphone facebook app if you’re on facebook on your computer

Reynaldo: i deleted it cause I’m on it at work, and then i get on it at home. I figure being on it at work is enough.

Ibarra: haha

Reynaldo: i guess the logical thing would be to get off of it at work and get on at home

Ibarra: …or being on it at home
this sounds like a new blog post



On My First Blog Post

Four years, eleven months and 10 days ago, I entered the shiny new world of blogging when one of my closest friends, Trang, talked me into opening a Xanga account. For nearly 2 years, I kept up with it and using it as a way to communicate with many of my friends who also had their own Xanga accounts. It wasn’t too long after when a college-based social networking site was released and just like that, my friends and I re-located from Xangaverse and became one of the first groups of people to become Facebook addicts. Facebook is still my preferred choice for networking (I check my Facebook as much as I check my e-mail and my Entourage is never closed) but I’ve since expanded into Myspace and Twitter.

Thanks to my six-month stint at Schipul, I grew to have an appreciation for what I learned was called “social media.” Don’t get me wrong—I personally believe that “social media” is just advertising and marketing jargon for what us regular folks call the “Internet.” Still, there’s a level of sophistication that I acquired when it comes to blogging and networking online that I never would have learned had I not joined the Schipul team. Granted, 98% of the time, I disregard this knowledge and blatantly go against etiquette because I’m not online to promote anything—I’m just here to hang out and have fun.

As I write more on this blog, it will become more evident that I have a tendency to overlook what I deem superfluous rules for the sake of genuine communication. In fact, I’m killing myself using proper capitalization over this blog post since I prefer to use lower case letters for any writing that isn’t going to be submitted for anyone’s approval. I just figured my first post should be a proper one. I am, however, a stickler for grammar and will try to stick to common grammar rules without having to pull out my English notes from primary school.

I find it difficult to decide whether my blog should have a primary focus or should I just use this as a replacement for my Facebook notes. My posts on there are quite erratic and are generally more for my own entertainment purposes than anyone else. The same will probably happen here. I’m calling it.

In any event, I just wanted to say hello to the blogosphere and let you know that you’ll be hearing a lot from me.








…even if you don’t want to.