foreign music week: dil to pagal hai

today, i bring you not an artist but a couple of songs from the soundtrack of the bollywood movie, dil to pagal hai. the first song is le gayi, a song i first heard in the 8th grade. my friends sunaina, neethu and brittany performed this song for the international festival. they were so amazing that by the end of the year, a group of us had talked them into showing us the choreography and we were doing it in mr. sauter’s history class during lunch (yes, we were the nerdy kids who voluntarily ate lunch in our teacher’s room). this fascination with the song and dance lasted longer than the rest of 8th grade and some even expanded into an interest in the indian culture (ahem, anna), which i think is pretty cool.
i should also note that later that year, dil to pagal hai won something on the 1998 mtv vma awards… i think… right? maybe it was best foreign something.

hope you like the videos!

by the way, i’ve got le gayi on my itunes so i still listen to it =)