ikea hacking

so… we got a new tv and we needed an acceptable tv unit for it. at first we had resolved to custom build our own until i had the brilliant idea to look at ikea hacker. it was too bad because boyfriend and i spent an entire friday evening planning and sketching our tv unit (me on my sketchbook and him on google sketchup).

after looking at some of the ikea hacks, i browsed around craigslist and ikea to find suitable pieces for us to use. we eventually settled with the lack tv unit.

First, we sanded what would be the interior portions of the unit with 400 and 200 grain sandpaper. We then primed and painted it using glidden’s  high gloss paint in tangerine. We also made use of the unfinished ekby shelf and sanded lightly then painted using glidden’s high gloss paint in candy apple. once dried, we assembled the tv unit. we then attached capita legs to our now red ekby shelf. the finished product had the original lack tv unit with our modified shelf placed on top of it.