look, ma! it’s the game of life!

growing up is a funny thing. there are these milestones that you’re expected to cross at certain times and in certain ways. it’s like a game. if you do it all correctly, you pass go and collect your winnings. if you don’t, then you’re left wondering if it’s ever going to happen, if you’re ever going to grow up. i guess in some ways, i never did grow up: i still love cartoons and i still believe i can be anything i want to be. In other ways, i grew up too much: i’ve learned that life will treat you badly sometimes and you can do nothing except wait. fortunately, the wait can prove to be fruitful as well. you get to ask questions and figure things out. so this is what i’ve figured out: i’m never going to be the girl next door but i’m never going to be that girl sitting at the bar either. i’m just going to be me and that’s fine.