dear diary…

april has been a trying month, to say the least.

on a whim, i began to go through some of the folders on my computer and stumbled upon one called “spiritual diary.” three years ago, i kept a diary to chronicle my road of spirituality. most of them are deeply personal but in anticipation of my fast this coming friday, i will share one of the less personal ones on here:

October 9, 2006

I’ve falsified to say that I’ve found God.
Several years ago, that’s how I used to sing that line in one of Jason Mraz’s songs.
For several months now, I’ve listened to almost nothing but Christian music and I do quite regret not being able to see Chris Tomlin last night at CityFest. However, today, as a change of pace, I listened to some of my old music. It might have been an effort in re-living some of the more familiar moments in my life. Things were not less hectic, but at least then I had gotten a grip on how to manage.
I popped in an unmarked cd on the drive home and it was a mix of Jason Mraz and Matt Wertz. Now, I like Matt Wertz but between the two, my heart will always belong to Jason Mraz. His style is much more experimental, his music much more innovative and lyrics incredibly more thought-provoking. It’s the writer in me that draws me to him. Jason Mraz is a wordsmith and a way with words is a quick way to my heart.
So often, I write about my struggles with my faith which is unfortunate because one of the functions of this diary is to recount every step in my journey—the hardships as well as the times of clarities. To depict only one side would be unfair and unbalanced, which certainly will not do. After all, I’m a Libra. I want to read this years from now and have a complete picture of my experiences.
On Love, In Sadness” speaks to me in so many ways, especially with what I’ve learned these past few months and what I’m trying to learn now. The measure of love isn’t loss, love will never be lost on me.
Anyway, that is not how the song goes, y’know.
It’s not falsified to say that I’ve found God.

foreign music week: dil to pagal hai

today, i bring you not an artist but a couple of songs from the soundtrack of the bollywood movie, dil to pagal hai. the first song is le gayi, a song i first heard in the 8th grade. my friends sunaina, neethu and brittany performed this song for the international festival. they were so amazing that by the end of the year, a group of us had talked them into showing us the choreography and we were doing it in mr. sauter’s history class during lunch (yes, we were the nerdy kids who voluntarily ate lunch in our teacher’s room). this fascination with the song and dance lasted longer than the rest of 8th grade and some even expanded into an interest in the indian culture (ahem, anna), which i think is pretty cool.
i should also note that later that year, dil to pagal hai won something on the 1998 mtv vma awards… i think… right? maybe it was best foreign something.

hope you like the videos!

by the way, i’ve got le gayi on my itunes so i still listen to it =)

foreign music week: celtic woman

today’s foreign artists hail from the the land of winter. celtic woman is a group of five female artists who perform celtic songs and covers of contemporary music. they occasionally have their shows broadcasted on pbs whenever the network is trying to raise funds. personally, i’ve never donated money to pbs but i’ve enjoyed many of their shows so a big thanks to those kind enough to provide me with entertainment as well as information. celtic woman currently has four albums out, which i, regrettably do not own. if anyone would like to purchase me a copy of any or of all, please don’t hesitate to do so.

ok so i guess this post has two points: the first is that i love celtic woman and you should, too! the second is that i’m too cheap to either donate money to pbs or buy celtic woman cds myself. 


enjoy the videos!

foreign music week: jonatan cerrada, je t’adore!

today, i bring you jonatan cerrada a belgian spaniard contestant and winner of france’s answer to pop idolà la recherche de la nouvelle star (on the search for the new star). to be honest, i don’t really know how i came across jonatan cerrada… it could be from my hours of downloading music, hours of trolling myspace for new music or hours of youtubing for… uh, music? who knows. anyway, i dug him and actually ended up buying 20 bucks worth of his share as a believer on sellaband. if you don’t know what sellaband is, you should check it out. it’s a good way to get to know some prit-ty jammin’ unsigned artists from around the world (i should actually do the same… i haven’t been in a year or two).

in any event, here’s jonatan cerrada. the first is a video of mon paradis from the french version of the movie robots. unfortunately, the embed code was “disabled by request.” here is the official video.


this one is france’s entry for eurovision song contest 2004 called à chaque pas. ok they keep doing the disable thing. here’s the official video for this one.

and finally, a man who can sing suerte by shakira (avec modified lyrics, of course)!