shakira’s world cups (they’re small and humble)

i don’t get it but i love anything shakira.

south africans disagree. shakira’s waka waka (ft. freshlyground) has been chosen as the official world cup anthem and they don’t like it. whatever, i don’t complain when thalia sang in tagalog. you gyrate those hips, girl.

english version was taken down. here’s the spanish version

foreign music week: jonatan cerrada, je t’adore!

today, i bring you jonatan cerrada a belgian spaniard contestant and winner of france’s answer to pop idolà la recherche de la nouvelle star (on the search for the new star). to be honest, i don’t really know how i came across jonatan cerrada… it could be from my hours of downloading music, hours of trolling myspace for new music or hours of youtubing for… uh, music? who knows. anyway, i dug him and actually ended up buying 20 bucks worth of his share as a believer on sellaband. if you don’t know what sellaband is, you should check it out. it’s a good way to get to know some prit-ty jammin’ unsigned artists from around the world (i should actually do the same… i haven’t been in a year or two).

in any event, here’s jonatan cerrada. the first is a video of mon paradis from the french version of the movie robots. unfortunately, the embed code was “disabled by request.” here is the official video.


this one is france’s entry for eurovision song contest 2004 called à chaque pas. ok they keep doing the disable thing. here’s the official video for this one.

and finally, a man who can sing suerte by shakira (avec modified lyrics, of course)!

foreign music week: shakira monday

alrighty it’s foreign music week. for the next week, i’ll be posting some of my favorite music from around the world. why? just because i feel like it. also, it makes me happy. 


today’s foreign performer is shakira. i first came across shakira as a senior in high school when juan, the kitchen guy from freebirds, used to blast her album ,dónde están los ladrones?, while he worked. i loved walking into the kitchen and hearing the eclectic sounds of ojos asi. he eventually gave the cd to me and i probably listened to that song a million times that week and practiced my hip drops and lifts in front of the mirror years after i graduated high school. later that year, shakira came out with her english album, laundry service. after finding out from a customer that there was an english version of ojos asi on it, i had to get it on my way home. unfortunately, it didn’t match the original, which has been a staple on many of my playlists even now.

besides, who else can make a veil or rope as sexy as shakira can? 

enjoy the videos!



…i know i do.